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7 Cool Things That Happened at APTA Over the Summer (And 1 Cool Thing for the Foundation)

Ah, the summer of 2017: vacations and cookouts, kids’ camps and carnivals, softball and sweet corn, with an entire season of “Game of Thrones” dumped into the mix. It’s therefore understandable if you missed some of the cool stuff that happened at APTA during the past few months. Article via

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The 8 Best Physical Therapy Methods Explained

From breaks to bruises to bursitis, physical therapists have a special knack for assessing the human body and helping restore it back to optimal performance. Armed with cutting edge equipment and a huge background of knowledge, PTs can help diagnose and treat many common ailments and movement disorders. But despite having a slew of cool toys (laser therapy anyone?), their most useful tool for treatment may be their hands.

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